Hyper-Tune – the West Sussex and Surrey Areas’ Car Tuning Specialist

Based in Crawley, Hyper-Tune are the West Sussex and Surrey areas’ go-to for ECU remapping, chip tuning and mechanical repairs. Offering three distinctly different ECU remap packages, we specialise in improving vehicles’ fuel efficiency, performance and responsiveness. Our fully qualified and insured mechanical experts are friendly and helpful, working with modern diagnostics equipment and ECU remapping systems that help them deliver a quality of service unlike any other in Sussex or Surrey.

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU stands for Engine Control Unit. This component controls how an engine functions, dictating the amount of fuel it consumes to balance economy, emissions and performance. Manufacturers map ECU’s to ensure they will function safely in extreme climates, and legally in countries that have differing emission regulations and fuel quality. As a result, they have to make certain compromises that adversely impact a vehicle’s performance.

By modifying a generic ECU map, we can optimise your engine’s performance for your specific requirements, unlocking its full potential. Parameters we’ll modify include ignition advance and fuel pressure. Our quality ECU remap will:


• Improve Fuel Economy

• Increase Torque

• Optimise Acceleration

• Refine Handling & Response


For more information on the car tuning packages we offer, please navigate to our ECU Tuning & Remapping page, which details our Hyper-Tune Green, Blue and Red products, each of which is tailored to a different type of driver.

Why Choose Hyper-Tune for Car Tuning in Sussex & Surrey?

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the car tuning, chip tuning or other automotive service we provide is precisely tailored to their requirements. Our extensive list of references attests to our commitment to quality and customer service.


If you’re interested in one of our services, we will happily provide you a free, no-obligation cost estimate. Hyper-Tune offer highly competitive prices, as well as long-term guarantees on both parts and labour. We are a fast-growing independent company, and have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the Surrey and Sussex areas’ most well-respected car tuning and ECU remapping specialists.

Automotive Services for Sussex & Surrey

But it isn’t just an engine remap we can provide for motorists in West Sussex and Surrey, we also offer a host of other automotive services, including mechanical repairs, pre-MOT inspections, car servicing, engine rebuilds and much more. There’s really no job too big or small for us, and whatever it is you use us for, you’ll receive the same high standard of customer service.


To learn more about ECU remapping and our other services, please navigate to their respective pages on this website. Alternatively, you can call us on 01798 342400. We’re open from 8:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 6:00 pm on Saturdays. On top of this, we’ve recently begun offering mobile services. So if you can’t make it to our premises, which sits in Sussex and right-by Surrey, we’ll travel straight to your doorstep.

Do you require engine tuning or mechanical repairs in Sussex or Surrey?

Call Hyper-Tune today on 01798 342400.