ECU Remapping & Car Tuning for Sussex & Surrey

Hyper-Tune specialise in car and chip tuning, and have developed a number of ECU remapping packages that improve how engines function. Each suits a different kind of motorist. If you’re based in or around the Sussex or Surrey areas and are unsure which ECU remap best suits your needs, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Please keep in mind that car tuning:

• Is Fully Reversible at Any Time

• Unlocks an Engine’s Full Potential

• Reduces Fuel Usage & Noise Levels

• Sharpens Accelerator Response

• Meets All Current Emissions Standards & Regulations

• Suits Both Automatic & Manual Vehicles

• Increases Performance or Your Money Back

• Retains Original Manufacturer Settings

Hyper-Tune Green

By modifying a turbo diesel engine’s torque limit, we can improve its performance and fuel economy at lower RPMs. Our Hyper-Tune Green package can increase a vehicle’s MPG by as much as 35%. This is especially appealing to fleet owners, who can increase their bottom line profits by reducing fuel usage.

Hyper-Tune Blue

Our most popular car tuning package, Hyper-Tune Blue strikes a fine balance between economy and power. Sussex and Surrey customers investing in this package have enjoyed MPG increases of up to 25%.

Hyper-Tune Red

For pure power and performance, there’s few ECU remapping packages as effective as Hyper-Tune Red. An ideal solution for both petrol and diesel engines, it widens torque and optimises acceleration, while even increasing MPG by up to 10%. Hyper-Tune Red is a great way to improve a vehicle’s ability to tow heavy loads.

ECU Remapping & Car Tuning for Sussex & Surrey

AdBlue Removal – Manufacturers often fit AdBlue systems into vehicles to reduce nitrogen emission from diesel exhausts. One down side of AdBlue is that it can increase operating costs significantly. We can remove these systems from a vehicle upon request.


DSG Transmission Tuning – Our team can custom write DSG transmissions to improve gearbox shift speed by up to 20%, release extra torque and improve engine power in the upper RPM ranges.

EGR Delete – Another technique employed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions is EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). This channels a portion of exhaust emissions back into an engine’s cylinders. Long term, this can cause carbon build-up. Disabling an EGR valve can reduce engine temperatures, improve throttle response, reduce fuel costs and extend engine life.


Hard Cut Limiter – A hard cut limiter prevents fuelling above a pre-set RPM. So if the driver revs above a certain limit, for example ~4300rpm, further revs are prevented.

Hot Start Fix – Some vehicles require chip tuning to prevent hot start problems. This is when vehicles struggle to start when their engine is hot, but are fine when starting cold. If this problem sounds familiar, bring your vehicle to our premises in Sussex. We’ll carry out diagnostics and quickly ascertain the type of hot start fix that will be required. It could be that the engine’s hot start map needs tuning, or it could be a battery charge/temperature sensor issue.


Lambda/O2 Removal – If you’ve had sportscats or decat pipes fitted within your exhaust system, you may run into difficulties with your engine light being triggered due to perceived emissions faults for error codes (P0420 and P0430). These relate to Cat efficiency. By disabling P0420 and P0430 checks via an ECU remap, we can prevent this from happening.

Launch Control – Another chip tuning service we offer Surrey and Sussex motorists is launch control. This limits the amount of rpm that is transferred to a vehicle’s wheels at low MPH. This ensures that your wheels achieve optimum traction when you rev the engine.


MAF Removal – This service is only recommended for Sussex and Surrey customers with powerful vehicles with turbo/injector mods. It prevents your vehicle’s MAF reading from hitting its maximum level and faulting, causing the car to go into “limp mode”. We will replace your MAF system with a MAP sensor, which instead measures an engine’s inlet manifold pressure and tracks RPM data to calculate fuel usage requirements.

Speed Limiter Removal – Intended for track use only, speed limiter removal gets rid of the cap that’s placed on many engine’s top speed. This car tuning service will allow your vehicle to reach its actual top speed, rather than an artificial one.


Stop/Start Disable – Many Sussex and Surrey motorists drive vehicles featuring a start/stop system, which disables a car’s engine every time it slows to a halt. They’re not particularly popular, however! Don’t worry, we can bypass this controversial mechanism so that your engine keeps running.

Swirl Flap Removal – This refers to the removal of intake manifold flaps, which can be problematic in certain makes of vehicle and are expensive to repair/replace. ECU remapping to remove the flap is a cost-effective get-around.

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