ECU Remapping & Other Automotive Services for Sussex & Surrey

While Hyper-Tune may be best known as the go-to for Sussex and Surrey motorists in need of car tuning or an ECU remap, that’s not all we offer…

A Full Range of Services for Sussex & Surrey

Car Servicing – We offer car servicing packages that ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Regular servicing reduces the chance you’ll break down, extends your vehicle’s lifetime and can improve fuel efficiency. Our engineers will go through an extensive checklist which covers all your vehicle’s most essential parts and components.


Engine Tuning – Hyper-Tune are the Sussex and Surrey areas’ car tuning experts. We can precisely modify engines to increase power output, economy and durability. Any changes we make can be reversed if you for some reason find your vehicle’s performance unsatisfactory. However, it is rare that a customer is disappointed with our chip tuning service.

Engine Remapping – When vehicles leave a manufacturer’s plant, they feature a generic ECU map designed to ensure they meet all global regulations, function with varying qualities of fuel and in a real range of environments. This inhibits them from reaching their full potential. An ECU remap can unlock this potential.


We offer three distinct ECU remapping packages that offer a number of benefits and fantastic value for money. To learn more about our ECU remapping services, please navigate to our dedicated ECU & Remapping page.

Pre-MOT Inspections – Nearly that time of year again? Ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises and invest in a pre-MOT inspection. We’ll ensure that everything is working properly so you past first-time, with flying colours.


MOT Repairs – If you’ve just failed an MOT and require urgent car repairs, Hyper-Tune can help. Our repairs are fast, affordable and efficient; we’ll have you back cruising Surrey and Sussex roads in no time at all.


Engine Diagnostics – Engine playing up? We have advanced diagnostics equipment that can identify any issues. We have the ability to carry out any repairs required on site, and will talk you through our recommendations to ensure that the process is entirely transparent.

Service Lights Reset – We can quickly reset your service or warning lights. We’ll also be able to ascertain whether they have been set off due to an error, or whether there is a legitimate problem with your vehicle that may need rectifying.


Brakes and Clutches – If your clutch is sticking or emitting a jarring sound when applied, then there’s likely something wrong with it. Similarly, if your brakes are squeaking or are less responsive than usual, bring your vehicle in to Hyper-Tune. We can quickly repair and replace brakes and clutches, helping you stay safe on the road.

Steering & Suspension Services – Have you noticed your vehicle is handling strangely? If it’s not turning smoothly, veers slightly to one side when pointed straight ahead, is bouncing slightly or makes a noise when going over bumps, it’s likely a steering or suspension issue. Bring it into us for diagnostics and repairs.


Head Gasket Replacements – A head gasket resides between your engine’s cylinder head and cylinders/cylinder block. It’s not uncommon for one to fail, which can lead to an engine underperforming or ceasing to work entirely. We can fit a new head gasket at a price you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in Sussex or Surrey.

Belts and Water Pumps – A car’s water pump cools your engine to prevent it from overheating, while its timing bet ensures that all its internal pistons, shafts and valves operate in harmony. Hyper-Tune have the knowledge and experience required to repair, replace and maintain belts and valves.


Engine Rebuilds & Conversions – We can fully rebuild engines from the ground up, using components that are tailored to your style of driving, whether you’re track mad or more of a casual driver. On top of this, we can convert engines to higher or lower fuel capacities.


Performance Upgrades – Want to squeeze some extra horsepower out of your vehicle, or perhaps improve its fuel efficiency? There are many ways to upgrade your car’s performance that complement our performance-boosting chip tuning service, from installing high-performance shock absorbers, to nitrous oxide systems.


Our Sussex based team are always on hand to issue advice on how to take your vehicle to the next level, so if you’re unsure what the next step is, just give us a call.

Custom Modifications – Make your vehicle a true one-of-a-kind by investing in custom modifications. Whether it’s custom bodywork, or something more performance orientated, we’ll assist you in customising your vehicle and getting it a little bit closer to the one of your dreams!


Vehicle Welding – Our highly qualified team of engineers are also one of the Surrey and Sussex areas’ top choices for professional welding. Whether it’s welding axles or bodywork, we can repair damage and securely attach new parts.

Have a question regarding any of the above services? Call Hyper-Tune today on 01798 342400.