ECU Remapping & Car Tuning for Sussex & Surrey

There are many reasons why Surrey motorists come to Hyper-Tune for ECU remapping.

On this page, we’ve listed a few of the most popular.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in ECU Remapping













Torque – A quality ECU remap from our Surrey based experts can increase your vehicle’s torque by over 20%. This will significantly boost your acceleration and shorten in-gear times, which makes it easier and safer to overtake.


Horsepower – ECU remapping can also ramp up your engine’s horsepower, increasing your car’s top speed. Combine this with the aforementioned torque boost that car tuning can provide, and you have a faster vehicle that takes less time to top-out.


Smoother Power Delivery – Another benefit that our chip tuning service affords Surrey motorists is smoother power delivery. When you put your foot on the accelerator and rev the engine, you want this to translate to a noticeable and steady increase in speed. Often, un-tuned engines struggle when they’re revved, experiencing “flat spots”. These can result in a bumpy drive. Car tuning can help rectify this issue!











Fuel Economy – Perhaps the most popular reason for the average Surrey driver to invest in ECU remapping is the improvements it can make to fuel economy. As you’ll have increased horsepower, better torque and smoother delivery, you won’t have to consume as much fuel to get from A to B. However, if you decide to drive with your pedal to the metal all the time, not only are you likely to be pulled over, but you probably won’t save too much on fuel…


Safe Performance Upgrade – There are a few performance upgrades out there which are deemed fairly risky or hit/miss. An ECU remap is certainly not one of them. Whatever type of vehicle you drive, there will be a form of chip tuning that suits your requirements. What’s more, car tuning is a science, not an art. There’s no risk that anything will go wrong, and if for some reason you struggle to get used to the way your vehicle drives post ECU remapping, the process is entirely reversible. Just bring it back to our premises near Surrey and we’ll undo the process free of charge.

For quality, competitively priced ECU remapping near Surrey, call Hyper-Tune on 01798 342400.