Andrei Maracine

I got my 2002 Audi A4 to Shane in a terrible state. I was asking myself if it is worth keeping it or just get a new car. After couple of days Shane called and said the car is all done. I didn't expect much, but that was a mistake. When I drove it back, the feeling was amazing. Like it was a different car. He did an excellent job and took the time to explain all problems and how he solved everything. Level of customer service was extraordinary! I am well impressed and for sure Hyper-Tune will be the only place where I will take my car from now on. Great job! Keep doing what you are doing!

Dan Camp

So after a couple of miss diagnosis, i was finally convinced to visit Shane. From what I've seen so far with the focus, I'm glad I did. Seemed to pick up on my engine power stuttering issues and engine performance issue pretty quickly, and set to work finally having them resolved. Now, after replacing the high pressure fuel regulator and fuel filter, she's alot smoother. And with my constant egr issues lately, he also installed the Hyper-TuneStage 1 Remap with EGR Off. So far, I'm very happy with how it's running. Fingers crossed that's my egr issues finally sorted. Cheers Shane!

Andrew Lunn

Massive thanks to Shane. He worked wonders on my car. When I first bought the car it was running a but weird so too it to him and got the stage 1 map as it was already remapped. Was so happy with the work that I've now decided to go stage 4. The work he has done it top quality and couldn't ask for better. Custom made me and exhaust to how I wanted it and even found me some genuine rs wheels with spacers. Took the car out yesterday eve from Crawley to box hill and got 61mpg with a mixture of driving!. Car performed perfect. Will always use hyper tune for all my cars in future as prices beat any other tuner. He is a genuine bloke that will always tell you the truth and not lie to get money out of you and bodge your car.

Simon Tolson

Took my puma to Hyper-Tune initially to have a new clutch fitted. I also thought I'd get a pre MOT check done. I knew there was a lot wrong with the car and Shane managed to find out all that was at fault etc. So the new clutch soon escalated to new suspension in every corner, new rear bushes, new sill and a new exhaust. Work is of a very high standard and no nonsense outlook! I will be back again and again haha! Cheers Shane, the car feels brand new!

Michael Rice

Just had loads of work done to my Ford Fiesta ztec s. It need new gearbox clutch fan new shocks disc and pads. I was shocked on how quick everything was finished on it the car feels brand new again. Even had a well needed wash I will definitely use again and recommend to friends and family

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